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Silver Diamine Fluoride is revolutionizing Pediatric Dentistry! OneDent Kids is bringing it to Westchester County because it is the right thing to do! If we can prevent kids from suffering through dental treatments, we should try!

Proven to be safe & effective in Japan for decades, Silver Diamine Fluoride is changing our historical drill & fill surgical methods of treating cavities! Why subject your child to a traumatizing dental visit if it can be avoided?! It is much more cost-effective that traditional dental fillings & is helping to create positive experiences in the dental environment world-wide!

  • Colorless liquid painted on teeth in a matter of minutes
  • Painless
  • No shots or dental drills required
  • Affordable
  • Proven to stop dental decay in 3:1 cases
  • Proven to prevent future cavities

While not all cavities in baby teeth may be treated with Silver Diamine Fluoride, most are! OneDent Kids is here to provide the best possible experience for your child. Come for a consult today! We are thrilled to share this new dentistry with your family!